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How to Make Money Online With No Website and Product

As mentioned in Part 1 of this article, Traffic Generation is one of the most important elements of making money online. Without your own website and product, you can still make money online by generating traffic and driving this traffic to websites that you have affiliation with, and earn commission from there.

Strategies for Traffic Generation includes but not limited to:

1. Email Marketing

2. Articles Marketing

3. Forum Participation

4. Pay-Per-Click

5. Blogging

6. Ezine Solo-Ads

Email Marketing

Email has been around since the start of the Internet, and it is one of the most widely used communication tool. Whether you send email to your list or to your friends, be it casual or commercial, you may want to consider adding a signature at the bottom of your emails to advertise your website link.
Every time you send out an email, it increases your chance of having your reader clicking your link and visits your website. The rest is up to how the website content is crafted.

Article Marketing

Writing article is another proven strategy of generating traffic to a website. You can write articles in the area of your expertise or interest and publish them in free article directories. You have the opportunity to include a summary of your credential, and especially your website link in the author resource box which will automatically be included at the end of your articles.

Once published in the directories, your articles, especially your name and your website links may have greater exposure when other website owners take your articles and publish them along with your author resource box.

Forum Participation

There are many forums in the Internet that touches on various themes and topics, ranging from generalization to specialization. Look for forums that are related to your interest or expertise, register and start posting your message. Advertising is strictly frowned upon in most forums, unless they have a forum especially for promotion. On the other hand, most forums have a signature box feature where you can advertise your website links. This signature box will appear at the bottom of your every posting. Thus, the more you participate in the forum, the higher exposure for your signature box.


Just as what the term describes, you pay for every click that the site visitor made on your advertisement. This is a highly targeted marketing campaign where you craft out your advertisement which gets published in websites with content related to your advertisement. Depending on the competitiveness of your keywords, the cost of each click may cost you from a few cents to a few dollars. A good place to start your pay-per-click campaign is Google Adword.


Blogging is the trend right now, it is free and easy to set up a blog account and start posting and sharing your thoughts with the rest of the online community almost immediately. Search engines like blogs a lot as blogs tend to have dynamic content with frequent updates, not like a website that normally contains static information. Thus, blogs have a better chance to rank high in the search engines, which means more visitors to the blog. This would allow you to build rapport with your visitors and probably recommend them to any websites that may benefit them.

Ezine Solo-Ads

Ezines are online newsletter that people subscribes to because they have the interest in the subject matter described in the Ezine. You may want to advertise in Ezines that are related to what you are selling. Before you advertise in ezine, here are 5 questions you may want to ask the Ezine owner:

1. How many mailings do the Ezine owner send out a week

You do not want to advertise in Ezine that sends out more than 2 solo ads a week, because most likely they won't get read.

2. How many new subscribers does the Ezine gets in a month

You want to make sure that the Ezine gets a steady in flow of subscribers.

3. Dos the Ezine owner has a list of references?

You would want to check with the reference what their response rate is like for the Ezine.

4. Is there a newsletter archive that you can look at?

You would want to see the layout of the Ezine so that you know how your advertisement will look like.

5. Has any ads similar for my same business been running recently?

You do not want to advertise in an Ezine that has run a similar advertisement in the recent month or so.

All you need is to just pick one or two of the strategies mentioned above and focus in mastering it to generate and direct quality traffics to any website that you wish. This takes time and once you have mastered this, you will feel the satisfaction as your online income keeps growing.

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